EYEPRO Overview
EYEPROehr Software

EYEPROehr is a complete software package that automates all aspects of eye care including electronic exams, digital image capture from diagnostic equipment, reports, invoicing, recall, referral letters, automatic claims generation and electronic claims submission.

EYEPRO is a complete cloud based EHR + PM application that is easy to use. EYEPRO is an affordable alternative to other high priced, complicated EHR systems in the eyecare industry.

Not happy with your current software? Switch today to EYEPRO. We make the conversion process easy.

  • Never worry about networking problems
  • No more messy install
  • Never worry about data loss
  • No more incorrect or rejected claims due to coding errors
  • Unlimited work stations
  • Free updates and upgrades
  • Always stay connected and never lose revenue even when away from the office
Data Conversion

EYEPRO Software eliminates the worry about what to do with your existing practice management data or paper medical records. We have custom made solutions to streamline this process.

Technical Support

We pride ourselves in our client relationships. Feedback is appreciated, and our knowledgeable staff is always ready to help. EYEPRO Software is built on a secure and evolving platform for the greatest stability. This allows our staff to support you and not just the software.


EYEPRO updates automatically, so you stay abreast of the changing coding and submission requirements. Every time you log on, you're using the most current version of the program. Concentrate on your patients and let us do the rest.


EYEPRO is an efficient, affordable, and sure software application for optometrists. EYEPRO was created by optometrists for optometrists. EYEPRO will allow more time during your day to see more patients.

The benefits of choosing EYEPRO
  • A fully integrated system that incorporates all aspects of managing a modern practice.
  • Automatic medical coding.  Automatic claim submission for both vision and medical insurance.
  • HIPPA compliant electronic medical records. A secure and encrypted archive and unlimited storage for patient records, photos, scans and medical history.
  • Free and automatic updates. No messy installs or downloaded patches.
  • Unlimited work stations for all computers, not just in your practice.
  • EYEPRO is there with you in your home or on the road.
  • Unlimited support. We at EYEPRO take pride in our exceptional client relations. Our sales reps and support staff are your personal concierge service. You are treated as partners and team members with our shared success our ultimate goal.
Welcome to the cloud. Enjoy freedom where you never have to install software or servers at your medical office again.

Imagine a complete set of clinical and billing software features for your optometric practice that can be securely accessed from anywhere – even from home. With EYEPROehr all you need is a Web connection.

Many optometry practices are unaware of the hidden costs associated with buying and maintaining an in-house software system, and are surprised down the road to discover that their software price verses monthly subscription cost analysis was really an apples-to-oranges comparison. Besides the software itself, a client/server solution requires additional servers and backup equipment that must be maintained, repaired and upgraded on an ongoing basis – significant costs that are frequently overlooked or underestimated in cost comparison. By contrast, EYEPROehr SaaS technology requires only a devise with web-browser access. It doesn't get any easier than EYEPROehr medical billing and clinical software bundled as a single SaaS-based suite.

Explore the benefits of our cloud medical software platform
  • Web-based vs. Onsite: How much is your aging medical office software really costing you?
  • Ease of Use: Simple & easy-to-learn clinical & medical billing software speeds paperless migration, boosts productivity.
  • Continuous Updates: Never worry about the hassle of manual software upgrades that cost you time & money.
  • Data Backup & Security: Gain peace of mind with automatic & hourly, offsite data backup.
  • Medical Records Storage: Providing managed offsite medical data storage protected by enterprise-class security.
  • Anywhere, Anytime Access: Gain complete flexibility & agility using a laptop or Tablet.
  • Multi-Site Connectivity: Easily manage multi-sites without the hassle of complex networking gear, software & servers.
  • Performance Improvement: Achieve faster web-based clinical and billing software performance
  • Return on Investment: Predictable monthly price equals better economics, better workflows, faster revenue capture, and lower IT costs.
  • Application Integration: Easily integrate hundreds of essential vendors & services using one web-based platform.
  • Integration Partners: Connect to key outside vendors & services through pre-built software integration products.

Anytime. Anywhere.

Our web-based clinical and medical billing software gives you easy, remote access to your practice and patient system anywhere you have Internet access – home, hospital, remote clinic, or from the road – using a handy Smartphone or Tablet PC. Our software allows you to perform your normal work functions remotely, with zero impact to your workflow; it's just like you were in the office. You gain real-time, remote access to your medical data and schedules. Plus, with a Smartphone or Tablet you can securely respond to a late night schedule request, update a patient chart or write a script while on-call – giving you ultimate flexibility anywhere you need to be. Our remote software access also allows you to easily connect to and work from multiple office locations.


Remote access to our web-based medical software while outside your medical office is easy and requires no additional hardware, software, VPN complexity, or technical know-how. Use a PC, Smartphone, Laptop or Tablet. You just log in through a browser. It's that easy!

Data back-up AND STORAGE

EYEPRO maintains a HIPAA compliant solution for the backup and storage of data through secure channels and encryption methods.

Gain a reliable, secure back-up and records storage solution. No more headaches. No more risk!

With EYEPRO your data is automatically backed up and stored in our enterprise-class operations center. Our backup processes and security procedures offer significantly higher HIPAA regulatory security compliance than what most practices can achieve with client/server software. Plus, you can relax knowing that your data is always safe from any threat or potential disaster to your office.

Safe & Secure Medical Records Storage

No matter what disaster might strike your office location, rest assured that your electronic medical records are stored safely and securely, in offsite backup servers.

Offsite Backup & Security is a Core Competency of our Software

The EYEPRO software is architected to prevent unauthorized access. With automatic offsite data security, the hassle of manual data backup is one less thing to worry about. Our medical software handles the offsite data backups, records storage security, and secure access issues for you.

You Own & Control Your Medical Data

Rest assured that ownership and control of your data is maintained by you and those you appoint. Recognizing that your medical data is key to your practice, EYEPRO has built into the software system the ability to export all your patient and practice data at your discretion. The system will export a MS Access database at no charge. Although we provide secure, automatic backups, you can always maintain a manual copy of your medical data at any time. We never hold your medical data hostage.

EYEPRO Data & Security FAQs
  • Data remains sole property of your practice
  • You achieve HIPAA compliant security & data privacy
  • Hourly backups are performed automatically, stored offsite
  • Role-based, user-level security controls access for specific functions
  • Security audits include usage logs and change-data history
  • Data is securely encrypted whenever in transit using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) 128-bit encryption
  • Triple-layer software access is managed by user name, password and office key
  • All users are automatically logged out of our medical software after specified time
  • State-of-the-art hosting facility stores all data
  • Uptime is guaranteed to 99.99 percent
  • Complete power & connectivity redundancy

Electronic Data Interchange

EYEPRO Software is HIPAA compliant for electronic claim submission. Our eyecare software is certified through APEX EDI clearinghouses for billing to over 1000 Medical insurance companies.

  • Automatic Coding
  • Automatic Claim Generation
  • Automatic Claim Scrubbing
  • Automatic Claim Submission

Electronic medical record storage

The method you choose to safeguard your medical records can make a big difference in the security and reliability of your data. If you are considering going electronic or paperless for your medical records storage, our web-based platform is the perfect solution. We manage the IT complexity; you gain the freedom of secure, hourly data backups delivered automatically. Your records storage is safeguarded on secure data centers, in the same manner that banking institutions manage your financial data.

Gain Peace of Mind Knowing Your Electronic Medical Records are Safe & Secure

Storage of your medical data is one less thing to worry about with EYEPRO. We handle all your electronic records storage needs.

  • Automatic hourly data backups
  • Built-in disaster recovery in case of fire, flood, earthquake, hurricane, theft, server failure/software crashes, etc.
  • Secure storage in data centers
  • Secure access for your appointed staff
  • Encrypted medical records with online access
  • True paperless office
Maintain Data Ownership with Stress-free Electronic Medical Records Storage

Our customers have complete ownership and control of their medical data 24x7x365. This means you can always view and manage your data at any time and from any location. You will not find a more secure or user-friendly way to backup and manage your medical records than with our electronic, web-based software and records storage technology.

Offsite Backup & Security - It's Part of Our Core Competency

As an offsite, subscription-based service, we have to earn our customers' confidence and business every month. Our customers trust our secure storage system, as evidenced by the fact that 98 percent elect to continue utilizing our financial and clinical software year after year.

Return of your investment

Our Software Pays for Itself as Your Practice Collects More Revenue, Faster

EYEPROehr cloud medical billing software reduces the average first-pass claims rejection rate to less than 5 percent, compared to a medical industry average of 30 percent. The increased revenue provided by this billing improvement more than offsets the subscription price of our cloud software – giving you an extremely attractive return on investment. We're proud to offer such high value return for one affordable price of our billing, practice management and EHR bundle.

Eliminate the Cost & Risk of Onsite OPTOMETRIC Medical Practice

Management, Clinical & Billing Software Maintenance By opting to go web-based, your medical practice eliminates all the IT headaches, risks and costs traditionally associated with operating crucial clinical, practice management and billing software systems onsite. One fixed monthly price eliminates all the headaches and worry of onsite computer system and medical software management.

Improve Cost/Benefit with Subscription-priced Software

Our online software platform provides a complete, integrated system for management of clinical, practice management and billing processes within your eyecare practice. Local client/server software can cost a practice lots of lost revenue. These cost savings are frequently overlooked or underplayed in ROI and cost/benefit analyses, and represent sustainable, long-term benefits of subscription-priced online medical software.

It simply pays to move into the cloud!