about us

EYEPRO is an innovative eyecare software company that offers a complete web-based EHR and practice management software application for the optometric industry. EYEPRO is the only web-based eyecare software that is truly designed for the CLOUD platform. EYEPRO understands that optometrists are not in the business of accounting and maintaining complex IT systems. EYEPRO is a web-based solution that provides the doctor freedom to focus on their patients.


EYEPRO was developed because there weren't any web-based eyecare software applications that were cloud based. EYEPRO was created to help optometrists understand the evolving and confusing world of medical billing, HIPAA compliance and documentation guidelines. We believe that the optometrist must stay at the forefront of the eyecare industry and technology in order to deliver the highest standards of eyecare for the patient. EYEPRO will allow your practice grow and be profitable. EYEPRO is built on a platform that evolves as the eye care industry changes. This is why we believe great software is never complete, but adapts and grows just like your practice and clinical education.


We at EYEPRO view our clients as lifetime partners. Our vow is to stay at the forefront of the electronic software industry and provide our clients with automated and easy solutions. Our Commitment to our clients is based on listening and solving problems. We intend to create a successful relationship.


My fellow eye care practioners,

I personally would like to thank you for your interest in EYEPRO. I created EYEPRO because I wasn't happy with what the market had to offer in EMR systems for eye care professionals. After owning several EMR systems (and very disappointed in my purchases), I set out to create an EMR that was cloud based and designed specifically for the eye doctor. EYEPRO was founded in 2011 and has been in R&D for the last 4 years. It has been beta tested in my private practice as well as 6 other OD offices prior to its official release. The first public release will be in the fall of 2015.

EYEPRO is a leading cloud based patent pending software that enables you to spend more time with your patients and less time with paperwork. EYEPRO was created to be user friendly and easy to learn. Your staff will love using it. EYEPRO provides you with world class state of the art technology at your fingertips and access to your practice 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can access EYEPRO on any PC, Tablet, or Smart Phone. EYEPRO is hipaa compliant and provides the highest levels of security and patient privacy protections in the industry. Feel confident that your records are stored and secured on the cloud.

We appreciate your interest in EYEPRO and to those clients who have already signed up, thank you.

Thank you for choosing EYEPRO,
Dr. Andrew Blankenship, OD



Our Web-Based Advantage
  • Eliminate the expense and headaches of maintaining software, servers, databases, backups and extra hardware by choosing a web-based application like EYEPRO. Your data is secure on the cloud.
  • No more hidden expenses. With on-site or LAN practice management software, there are extra costs for additional modules and software upgrades. With our web-based solution, all the features are included and every update is free. Upgrades are automatically posted.
  • Access your data from anywhere. You simply need access to the internet. Access your patient data while at home, traveling, or from anywhere.
  • You can add multiple locations, users, and data at no extra charge.