5010 Ready
What is ANSI 5010?

In accordance with HIPAA requirements, the Department of Health and Human Services is implementing a new version of the standards for HIPAA-covered electronic transactions, including claims, remittance advices, and requests and responses for eligibility. All covered entities must be fully compliant on March 1, 2012.

Key Benefits of the New Standard
  • Increased transaction uniformity
  • Support for pay-for-performance
  • Streamlined reimbursement transactions
  • Support for ICD-10-CM codification

For additional information on the 5010 transactions and responsibilities of vendors such as EYEPRO and payers please visit the CMS website.

Don't Risk ANSI 5010 Compliancy

If your practice is using a legacy software system (such as client/server) you could be faced with high costs, and essentially a new implementation to upgrade your software. These upgrades can result in a major financial impact from rejected claims.

ANSI 5010 Compliance & Ongoing Testing

EYEPROehr software makes capturing the needed data elements a breeze. The way you input and manage data is already ANSI 5010 compliant (NPI numbers, 9 digit zip code, billing provider address, line item balancing, etc.). Additionally, we do extensive testing to verify all information is compiled and sent electronically to meet the requirements of major payers.

Working with our clearinghouse and other partners, EYEPROehr ensures full and timely compliance in every respect. Our cloud technology is automatically updated at each step of the process, giving you the peace of mind that all of your electronic billing transactions are handled in accordance with the latest HIPAA and ANSI 5010 requirements.

ANSI 5010 Cloud Peace of Mind

Because the EYEPROehr electronic billing system is a cloud technology, all HIPAA-related requirements are implemented automatically for you, for free. There's never anything to download or update. You can rest assured that your billing transactions are always handled according to the latest regulatory requirements from beginning to end throughout the EYEPROehr system.

For more detailed info on these key data elements please see the following article from the AMA: http://www.ama-assn.org/resources/doc/washington/5010-data-reporting-tips.pdf. We highly recommend that you review this document.